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A Taste of Ceylon curries

300+ Sri Lankan and 700+ International Recipes
What's in it?
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Bombai Muttai
Sri Lankan Sinhalese Recipes.
Sinhalese are the majority race in Sri Lanka

What's in it?
A collection of Tamil Recipes from Sri Lanka.
Tamils are the 2nd largest race in Sri Lanka

What's in it?
Chutneys, Pickles & Sambols

What's in it?
Eggplant Pickle
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The Bread Pudding is absolutely scrumptious and can be made with day or two old bread. Ideally, it should be eaten either hot or warm just out of the oven. Be careful not to burn your tongue! A "topping" of jam, ice cream or anything that you fancy can be used.

The French/Bombay Toast is also perfect with afternoon tea ("Tiffin") or coffee. Once again you don't have to use fresh bread.

Check out the actual recipes for serving suggestions. Enjoy!

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After that to open/print the recipes, double click on either of these icons on the Desktop. Prepare, and enjoy!

Ceylon is famous for its quality tea, and even though the country's name was changed from Ceylon to Sri Lanka in the 1970's, the tea is still known as "Ceylon" tea. However, you hardly hear of a "Ceylon" or "Sri Lanka" curry, even though a curry is an integral part of most meals in the country.

There are "Sri Lankan" restaurants in most Western countries around the world these days, but, typically when one thinks of a curry, it is mostly associated with India, of which there are quite a number of restaurants around the world as well. There are quite noticeable differences between the two types of food, and there are also differences within each country's regions.

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